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Who knew that home décor could be just as “in” as the latest fashion trends?


Recently my sister told me about a conversation she had with several maintenance workers who came to remodel our grandparent’s home. She said that nearly all of them commented on how their parents or grandparents had the same, if not similar, home set-up and décor as our grandparents

It was in at the time, I guess.” commented one worker.


As a general rule of thumb what’s “in” will eventually be “out” but give it time and it will be “in” again. My sister’s conversation got me thinking though, “which items from my grandparents’ day are popping up in today’s interior design?”


So after digging through family photo albums, and comparing those photos with online home interior magazines and Pinterest, I decided to compile a list of 15 vintage décor items and ideas that have stood the test of time.  Read on to learn more!




Blue Cornflower Corning Ware 


15 vintage decor ideas


I mean, honest to goodness, whose grandmother (in the US, at least) didn’t own these? And I’m pretty sure they’re either still being used or packed in a basement somewhere.





15 vintage decor ideas


Doilies are always a great way to turn anything on the table into something more delicate. Not only are they practical (protecting a surface from a hot plate, food, small children), they also add an element of sophistication to any table.



A Grandma blanket

15 vintage decor ideas


My grandmother’s blanket wasn’t as colorful, but the crocheted/knit look is just the same as this one pictured. Not only does this blanket SCREAM vintage, but it’s also super comfortable. For those days when you’re feeling under the weather, curl up on your couch and wrap yourself up with the sweet reminder of grandma J



Embroidered art 


15 vintage decor ideas


A more organic look, framed embroidery is more than just a vintage aesthetic, it sets the tone for a warm, inviting, and home(y) vibe. Hang a few up on the wall in place of a painting or picture.




Cuckoo clock 



I might actually be a bit bias with this one since my grandparents had three of them in their house. I have a fond memory of my grandfather adjusting them whenever daylight savings rolled around and hearing the “Cuckoo” counting off the hour.

Cuckoo clocks tend to add an international vintage feeling. And it’s only fitting seeing as though the clocks my grandfather was given were from Germany.



Ceramic Dishes 

       15 vintage decor ideas                                                                     (Photo by Chance Anderson )


As a child, my grandparents had two ceramic dishes displayed in their kitchen: One with the 10 commandments engraved on it, and the second with a “bless this home” message etched into the plate.


Ceramic plates can be a beautiful display when hung up on a wall. You can hang them as a set or have different plates arranged in different sizes



wooden magazine holder

15 vintage decor ideas

Although most magazine and newspapers are digitized nowadays, there are still some of us out there who enjoy having hard-copies. If you’re not crazy about completely time-warping your home or apartment, then placing a nice deep cherry wood, or a fine brass magazine holder can add just the right touch of a vintage feel without going too overboard.





(Photo by Chance Andersonon Unsplash)


I’ll be honest with you here: If you don’t mind dusting, then go with chachkies. If the thought of wiping off individual items with a cloth makes you cringe…don’t go with chackies. If you can get over the dust, you’ll SURELY be “vintaged-up” with a couple of these placed around your home.

Steer clear of scary looking dolls, though. We don’t need nightmares.



Vintage Suitcases 

15 vintage decor ideas


If it weren’t for the fact that even on small trips my bag weighs 100 lbs, I’d probably actually USE old style suitcases more often, but, I like to have options when I travel, so instead, I just keep them on display in my bedroom to give it a nice vintage vibe.




Old books or Magazines

15 vintage decor ideas15 vintage decor ideas

                                                                        (Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral )


Not only are they awesome to have lying around, but they also make for GREAT conversation pieces and are super interesting to read and learn more about what was headlining many years ago.





Lace curtains


15 vintage decor ideas


My grandparents had lace curtains on every window of their house and let me tell you, thank GOD they did. While the rest of their interior included red and mustard colored velvet, dark wooden tables, and rich colored carpeting, the lace curtains were a godsend in brightening up the room.

When you think of lace in a home, think of “light”, “delicate”, “bright”….happy thoughts.





Wooden or Metal Bed Post

15 vintage decor ideas                                                               Photo by Bianca Capeloti


I still can’t wrap my head around why this was such a common fixture in just about everyone’s home back in the days of my grandparents for no other reason than THAT’S ALL THAT WAS AVAILABLE.

Yet still, the simplicity in its design; the rustic or regal feeling it gives off, makes it a remnant that’s quintessentially vintage.



Wooden trunk

15 vintage decor ideas 


My grandmother kept the family trunk tucked away DEEP in her bedroom closet, but inside of the chest was a treasure trove of memories. The trunk was a way to store keepsakes, and special items to be passed down from family member to family member. Nowadays you can opt to fill your chest with blankets, extra linens or anything extra lying around your room that you may have no idea how to store.



Bohemian area rug

If crocheted blankets win the title of things that scream grandma, then an area rug comes in second. The best is if your grandparents had carpeting in their home, but STILL put an area rug over the carpet…hahaha. The typical area rugs are those that are Anatolian/Turkish print or have a faded and ornate flower print on them.




Old pictures

15 vintage decor ideas

                                                                              Photo by Roman Kraft


Old pictures or new pictures made to look old are fine ways to honor loved ones and special moments in your life while adding a cozy feel to your humble abode.


Even now as we speak, our own generation is setting the next big trend for home décor. These days when I peruse the web I see images of Bright or warm-colored walls with minimalist arrangements and typically the same kind of accents (i.e. rugs, pictures, wall hangings) found around the house.


Perhaps when our children are older and start living in a home of their own, they may look back and complain about our choice in decor, but give it time, and their children might bring it all back!


So tell me,

How do you decorate your home?

What kind of vintage items do you have set up?

I’d love to read your responses. Comment below or feel free to share some pics in the facebook group!



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    How I recall the vintage styles and adhere to some of them. I particularly like the Queen Anne chairs, the warm and cozy welcoming decor, the clothing, modest yet very current with the times, you can most always modernize it with a piece from this current millennium. I love the pictures and furniture accessories from yester year, so much character to them as opposed to some of the modern day abstract paintings and modern art pieces. Yet and still, by choosing the right modern piece, you can incorporate them into your vintage life and it works. One might ask how is that? as they are so different in lifestyles. The answer from my point of view is that should one look back globally across centuries they will find art is taking what is old and updating it with a few changes here and there. Thank you Ella for your wonderful blog, it is very helpful and refreshing to know there are lots of people who celebrate this lifestyle. Thank you for your addressing healthcare issues as well. Your blog is most helpful. I look forward to what’s next.

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    Gabriella Ruiz


    I’m glad you are enjoying the content you find on my site! And yes, you’re right, art, decor, style, in general, is constantly being recycled. What I always find interesting is how each generation of people find new ways to incorporate things from the decade before and tie it in with what is modern for their time.