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How to make a vintage hair accessory in less than 5 minutes


I know, it’s not the most glorious sounding word in the English language, and I’m sure for many it may conjure up thoughts of disease, slumlord apartments, and the plague, but allow me to conjure up some new imagery for you.

The rat I’m talking about is a hair accessory that will transform your everyday hair into something more authentically vintage.    

Vintage hair hack

vintage hair hack

The cool part?

I’m going to show you how you can make this simple hair accessory with nothing more than three items.

The even cooler part?

It’s so cheap and easy to do.

The coolest part?

It takes less than 5 minutes to make and is the best go-to item to use on days when you just don’t feel like putting in the effort needed for more complicated vintage hairstyles.

So, if you’re ready to tap into your crafty side, let’s hop to it!


Pair of scissors

• Pair of fishnet tights

• Hair (hair from a wig, or left-over hair extensions that have given up the ghost  )


1.) Grab your fishnet tights. You’re going to use only one side of the tights for now.
save the other side for when you want to make a new rat down the road

2.) Cut the tight across, just above the ankle. Cutting above the ankle will give you just the right amount of extra tight to tie off at the end while maintaining a good length for the rat.

Vintage hair hack

3.) Stuff hair inside. If you have long strands of hair, you can cut them up into smaller pieces, so they fit inside.

4.) Close the rat. Line your pointer finger and middle finger next to each other and wrap the excess tight around the fingers tying the tight into a knot.

5.) Fill it out. To make sure the hair inside the rat is evenly distributed, roll the rat in between the palm of your hands OR stretch it by pulling either end horizontally until the rat is evenly “plump.”

And there you have it!

I told you it would take you less than 5 minutes.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I’ll show you how to style your hair using the rat.

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If you end up trying this out post your creations below or in the Facebook group!, I’d love to see how they turned out! Also what is your favorite vintage hair hack? Comment below!