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As a blogging newbie, building your email list quickly when you’re just starting out might seem like a huge undertaking. Yet you know that having one is the most important investment you can make for your brand.
In fact, having an email list is pivotal to the success of your blog for a few of the following reasons:
  • You attract a loyal following of like-minded people who really love what you put out there and support your content.
  • When someone subscribes to you, they’ll most likely buy from you.
  • An email list will drive more traffic to your blog posts.
The truth is, the idea of sending out emails frequently is not appealing to everyone. I remember when I was first starting out, email writing was an afterthought.
What I found, however, is that The main reason why most bloggers don’t focus on building an email list, is because they have no idea HOW to do it! Click To Tweet

How to build your email list wuickly when you're just starting outPin me! You know you want to 😉

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can be as much in love with e-mailing your subscribers as you are creating and sharing content for them.


How To Fall in Love With Email

List Love 

List love is an email marketing course created by Jennifer Marx. Her course is designed to help you build, grow, and nurture your email list as a blogger. 
Jennifer’s course is so well organized that even if you are new to the blogging scene and have no idea how to set up an email list, she guides you every step of the way on how to set one up and manage it.

How it changed my blog

My policy as a blogger is to be as transparent as possible with my audience. I’m not going to sell you some fictitious story about how HUGE my email list has grown in 24 hrs. But look, there might be those out there who have had this happen, so don’t get me wrong it’s certainly not impossible.
Instead, my experience with List Love is evidence of what it might look like for some newbie bloggers or someone who is looking for more ways to grow their email list.
In October of 2018, I launched my blog with 14 subscribers. God bless them all…hahaha. Up until Feb 16th of 2019, I was still rockin’ 14 subscribers…..yes, that’s right 4 straight months and only 14 subscribers…lol.

The most I ever did with my email list was send out weekly updates about a new blog post I had up, and that.was.it. I never ventured further than those 14 subscribers. I had NO strategy on how to get more, either.
After I finished List Love on Feb 16th, I went from 14 subscribers to 21 within 3-4 days. I’d like you to think about that for a second.
I had 14 subscribers for 4 months, and within 3-4 days after finishing List Love, I was up to 21 And the number keeps growing. I’m averaging about 1 or 2 new subscribers a day now!

my email analytics before and after List Love

Here’s one more thing I also want you to consider. Probably the most important part of my story. My niche is not very popular. Meaning, I don’t blog about travel, or finance, or parenting etc.
In fact, my niche is very underground and very specific. The fact that I could accomplish these results with such a tiny niche is evidence of how effective Jennifer’s course is.
Additionally, you can finish her course in a reasonable amount of time. I realize time is of the essence. Jennifer’s units are direct, easy to follow, and you can complete them quickly.
In addition to helping you build your email list, the List Love Master course will give you:
  • Social Media tips to optimize traffic to your blog/posts
  • Help you create an “email calendar” to help you organize your emails for the month (this section of the course is worth its weight in GOLD!)
  • Tips for making an offer that will convert traffic into subscribers
  • Ideas for tailoring your blog posts to showcase any offers you make
  • Ways to design forms that will attract others to subscribe to your blog
  • Guidance for developing an e-mail schedule
  • Special Bonuses!!!! (AND they are very…VERY special)

Go grab yourself a copy of Jennifer’s FREE E-BOOK (click here to get your copy!) to get a taste of her email list building strategies .
If you’re blogging in a more popular niche, then you will THRIVE with List Love.
Now, to really make an impact on your email list, you’ll need one more tool to place in your toolkit.


Choosing an Email Provider

To get started with building your email list, you’ll need an email service provider.
Perhaps some of these email providers already ring a bell: MailChimp, Mailerlite Convertkit, Drip etc.
I always say do your research before making a choice, but if you’re looking for the most intuitive and easiest to set up service, then I HIGHLY recommend Convertkit (click here to check it out).
Hands down, Convertkit is the most popular e-mailing platform out there and there’s a good reason why. Convertkit has,

  • Easy integration with your website (it’s quick to connect with your site)
  • AMAZING customer support (their live chat is incredibly helpful & knowledgeable)
  • Easy to understand analytics (You can quickly understand your audience)
  • Excellent opt-in templates that you can also easily customize.
If you’re still on the fence, no worries because the best part about Convertkit is that you have the ability to automate the emails you send to your subscribers.
So if you’re not tech savvy, or if you have next to no time, this is a Godsend!

What’s more, is you can send out a different sequence of emails. You can send out a 4-day welcome email to people who subscribe to your blog and then an entirely different sequence to someone who might click a link in your post. All of this with virtually VERY LITTLE EFFORT.

Okay but now let’s say you’re over there saying to yourself,
 Ella, this sounds great but I still would have no idea how to even begin setting up emails let alone a sequence of them!

Guess what? I’ve done it for you!
In fact, why don’t you head on over to Convertkit right now, sign yourself  up. Once you’ve finished, head on back over here where you can copy this “Welcome Email Template” (access it by clicking here).
I’ve designed it just for you so all you have to do is fill in your information! Go on and give it a try and test to see just how simple it is!



Before I sign off, remember that…
  • Emails are not your sworn enemy…lol…you can fall in love with them
  • There are resources out there willing to help you and want you to succeed (List Love)
  • There are services there to greet you when you decide to start building (Convertkit)
If you’ve been hesitant about building your email list for some time because you were unsure about how to do it, hopefully, today’s post convinces you that you’re not alone and there are resources (including me!) to help guide the way.
And one more thing.
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A simple share means a lot to us bloggers. It helps our blog grow and supports us, so we can continue giving you the quality content you deserve!
If you’re not sure how to share, consider a few of these options:
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