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In the words of Sally Field, “you like me! you really, really like me!”

If you’ve made it over to this About Me page, chances are you’re curious to know more about the person behind the posts, so allow me to introduce myself!


Born an old-soul,


Ella-quent is my pen name. My real name is Gabriella, hence “ELLA-quent”. I am a 30 something polyglot, (former) Linguistics and communication English professor, singer, blogger, and aspiring writer. Though a global citizen for the past 14 years, I am a Nuyorican by heart and have returned to my native home of New York after much globe-trotting.


I started Ella-quent as a platform to share with others about the vintage lifestyle. In a modern world, living a vintage or retro lifestyle is a bit of an anomaly. My goal for this blog is to blend both the modern and vintage worlds and show others that both can live in perfect harmony with the other. You’ll notice that my vintage style is not committed to one era, nor is it as “die-hard” as other vintage lovers. Instead, I enjoy taking a modern look and topping it off with a vintage accent; whether it be a hairdo or accessories.


Nowadays, I divide my time between this blog and freelancing as a copywriter and editor. I also lend my voice as a demo singer for music studios.


When I get a chance for some “me” time, I enjoy writing music, drafting business ideas, using my fiancé’s stomach as testing grounds for a new recipe; decorating my home, and trying to solve the world’s problem’s over a plate of arroz con pollo.




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